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Friday, March 26, 2010

Job interview

Hi again
Today I had my interview to retain a job at work as they have merged with another college. We've all had to apply for our jobs, so we are all feeling the stress...well, the interview sort of went ok but it's so hard to predict and we have another week or more wait for feedback. More waiting and stressing. I'm trying to forget about it now as there's no more I can do. Watch this space for update! Going to see my grandchildren tomorrow so that'll cheer me up!

Lammy with Love X


  1. Fingers and everything else crossed for you.

  2. Hi M. tried to get you on S tonight, but couldn't raise you buddy. Have my fingers and everything crossed for you as you know by the dodgy walk!!! Think they are really mean to keep you waiting so long.
    lol Jan x

  3. Thanks everyone. Sorry Jan...I came home and my brain and body crashed and I fell asleep! Stressful. Will let you all know if it's good news but I'm sure you'll hear me shouting up North if it's positive.
    M xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS Feel better soon Angela x

  4. Hope you find out tomorrow M, will be thinking of you!

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