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Hi Guys - Welcome to Lammy's World of Quilting & Satchels. I'll update my blog with info from the World of Lammy as often as I can, so drop in for news about my latest quilting projects and to see my One-Off! Satchels that I'm working on or have completed. HAPPY BLOGGING! Lammy with love X

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here is the latest satchel with fabric chosen by a very happy owner. The fabric is a new spring type fabric which is made to order with owners input. She chose a red lining with a black binding picked out of the fabric design.

This is Springtime Delight and it's stunning.....and.............

Lammy with Love X

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's nearly time to go back to work but can't muster any enthusiasm for it.... roll on Bank Holiday..........did get some Spring cleaning done and lots of sewing.

Here is another satchel I finished ..... it's mustard coloured with grey gussets and strap ... so onward and upwards......lots more to do...

Birds in a Mustard Tree -                      SOLD

Lammy with Love X

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hi All,

Here is my sister's lovely, stroke-able, dark olive green/brown corduroy satchel which she received today and loves......yay!


And now onto the next order......
Lammy with Love X

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hi All
What a year so far for the weather.....still very cold here and the news says the cold snap could last until mid-April. But, it doesn't stop the viruses that are doing the rounds. My daughter, hubby and children are all battling with the horrible Norwalk /Novovirus at the moment so my planned trip to see them all is cancelled........

In the meantime, I have another 3 newbie B&W satchels to add to the list -

The first is B&W Checkers -                FOR SALE

The 2nd is  Keep Calm and Sew On.... - SOLD

And the third is a  Leopard Print with small flecks of mauve -
                                                               FOR SALE

Stay warm and well everyone.................
Lammy with Love X