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Hi Guys - Welcome to Lammy's World of Quilting & Satchels. I'll update my blog with info from the World of Lammy as often as I can, so drop in for news about my latest quilting projects and to see my One-Off! Satchels that I'm working on or have completed. HAPPY BLOGGING! Lammy with love X

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Sofa quilt for my niece

Hi All
I've also finished my niece's quilt and she has received it safely which I'm relieved about, and she loves it though it seemed she was confused as she thought I was making her a set of 6" storage bags...heehee! I chose the theme as she was an Autumn baby and she chose the fabric for her "bags" so it will hopefully go with her decor too!
Here it is -

Lammy with Love X

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eden's 'Peek-a-boo Animal Farm' Quilt

Hi All
I've now completed another project off my list YAY!
And here it is -

Lammy with Love for Eden X

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daughter's birthday present

Hi All
Well today my baby is 34 years old...but shhhh! I'm not supposed to tell anyone...hahaha.
I bought her presents some weeks ago but couldn't go empty-handed so I made her some cushions to go with her much loved B&W quilt I made for her last year. And of course it just had to be the Beatles... She is delighted with them as it was a total surprise.
Here they are -

Lammy with Love X

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Row by Row from Kerstin

Hi All
Look at my fantastic 2nd Row by Row from K. I love it! The batik colours are lovely and perfect for the Friendship quilt that I will make when I've received all my rows. I'm really enjoying this swap and can't wait for the next round.....

Here's my gorgeous row from K in Germany -

Lammy with Love X

Beach Huts and Friendship block for F

Hi All
I am enjoying my much needed annual leave at the moment and trying to use the time to catch up on outstanding jobs.
I've completed 2 x items for F - one was a Row by Row of Beach Huts in rainbow colours and the other was a 2010 Friendship block for the same person. I've also finished my niece's present too. Only have the label to go on and that can go in the post....YAY!
Here is the Row by Row,

and the 2010 Friendship block.
I've only got a few days to finish a present for someone then I can relax.......yipeeeeee!
Lammy with Love X