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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mini-break away!

Hi All
We're back from our mini holiday to K's in Suffolk - had a great time. All quilty deliveries for Eden have been made. She loves her Red Ellie-phant of course (favourite colour) as well as her blue Ollie-phant, and her Harriet Hare or her 'rabbit'. The curtains look really lovely in her room -
Bunting looks lovely too............

Jet really like the curtains so I've got an order for a sky/garden with trees/flowers/butterflies  and ladybird bugs (buttons) like Eden's, and Brennan wants the TARDIS and Planets for his 'quilt' curtains...mmm that's me busy for a long time to come....
Also -
managed to complete 3 x Advent calendar kits to take with me, which they love and are looking forward to using them.....

Got lovely fabrics for my birthday off my family and of course, just had to pick up some 'rainy day' ½ metres, as well as fabrics for a cot quilt for a new baby boy in the family. My family are calling me a fabric addict now....what took them so long to realise!!!!!! hahaha
Lammy with Love X

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Underground Railroad block - Sail Boat

...and here's my Sail Boat block. I think there's one more block to make for this and a further optional block with the story on which I'll do too...
Lovely easy block to do. The blue 'sea' fabric I had on this yesterday, has now be replaced by a more muted fabric which I like better and it ties all the blocks together too.

Lammy with Love X 

Bunting for Eden's room

Hi All
Just finished Eden's room bunting - photos are not true colours as they are pastels rather than bolder colours as shown. Trouble photographing as too long for my walls so I've taken pics of each part of her name.

Photos are rubbish but it'll look so much nicer on her bedroom wall.
Lammy with Love X