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Hi Guys - Welcome to Lammy's World of Quilting & Satchels. I'll update my blog with info from the World of Lammy as often as I can, so drop in for news about my latest quilting projects and to see my One-Off! Satchels that I'm working on or have completed. HAPPY BLOGGING! Lammy with love X

Friday, March 26, 2010

Job interview

Hi again
Today I had my interview to retain a job at work as they have merged with another college. We've all had to apply for our jobs, so we are all feeling the stress...well, the interview sort of went ok but it's so hard to predict and we have another week or more wait for feedback. More waiting and stressing. I'm trying to forget about it now as there's no more I can do. Watch this space for update! Going to see my grandchildren tomorrow so that'll cheer me up!

Lammy with Love X

My gift from Lisa at 'Cobblestone Cabin'

Hi All
I was the lucky winner of the draw at Lisa's new website - 'Cobblestone Cabin'...what a lovely name!
Anyway I won a beautiful Moda jelly roll called VERNA. By coincidence, that's my niece's middle name so sssshhhhhhhhhhh! don't want her getting ideas that it'll be coming to her as it's MINE....ALL MINE....!!!!! Hahahaha

Thank you Lisa - I'll be dropping in soon to shop for more gorgeous fabrics.
Lammy with Love x

Leaving gift for a colleague

Hi All
Nothing to do with the PP, B&W Swap 2010 but as Bev leaves her job at the college next Wednesday after 23 years, I wanted to make her something of her choice. After seeing my friend's Doggie quilt that I made for Christmas, Bev chose a Cat quilt which she really wanted for her 2 black & white cats Ferdy and Cola. So here it is....another job done and ticked off the list!
Lammy with Love X

Sunday, March 14, 2010

B&W Swap 2010 on PP

Hi All
Here is my fabric swap squares for the PP B&W 2010 Swap. A lovely selection of white on black and black on white squares to create something new with. My accent colour for this swap is lime green Batiks. I'm practising blocks with other colours at the moment so watch this space to see my idea come together.......................
Here is my palette -

Thanks to everyone taking part and to Tessa for the little extra and the lovely hand made ribbon card.


Present from friends

Hi All
WOW! Look what the postie brought me yesterday....it's my favourite patchwork block - Bear Paw, and is gorgeous. Thank you so much NN and Reb.....you know I love it already!

Lammy with Love XXXXXXX

Bookmark swap

Hi All
I have finally completed my 2 swap Bookmarks and also received two back from Swap friends here they all are....

From left to right - first one made for me by Cath; the second bookmark made for me by Caz; the third bookmark was made by me for Jan and I practised the use of embellishing on this one, (and Oops the big purple bead nearly caused problems in the delivery of this); and the final bookmark was made by me for Maggi (luckily the Paua bead on this one made it through the post undamaged).
Contrary to what I thought, they were easy to make and so, so quick too!
I can never have too many Bookmarks and I love the ones I received so thank you to my swap friends.
Lammy with Love x

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Swaps....

And yet more news!
I've joined the latest PP swap of 10 inch squares. The theme is B&W with one accent colour and we all sent 12 squares of either Black on White pattern, or White on Black pattern to the co-ordinator Tessa and she swapped them around so we had 12 different patterned squares and returned them to us. They are all lovely fabrics and designs.

I've chosen my accent colour as Lime green Batik fabric and I'm looking forward to starting this soon BUT - I have a friend who I've worked next to for several years and she is leaving at the end of the monthe, so I asked her what she'd like for a present and she chose a Quilt for her 2 cats....she loved my other friend's doggy quilt so much so it wasn't a surprise she chose that!
So a cat quilt it is for Bev...I'm going to miss her when she goes......time's are a'changing at work since we merged with another college and sadly there are casualties but she's not going far and I'm sure I'll see her shopping in my town centre where her new job is.
So I'll be posting the Cat Quilt next I hope, and then my B&W quilt too

I have other little projects to do in the meantime like 2 x Bookmarks for 2 swap friends and other stuff for birthday presents too so I'm busy, busy, busy.....just how I like it!

Lammy with Love X

Needle Felting

In another group I've recently joined several of us are trying out Needle Felting. I've done wet Felting with my granchildren but Needle Felting .... I actually enjoyed having a go at this thanks to Di T for sending me her Needle Felting kit that she didn't need anymore, so thank you Di. I received a complete starter kit which was really great. Whether I can produce anything artistic is another matter but time will tell....so watch this space....not too closely though!

Lammy with Love X

PP Friendship Swap 2010

The PP Friendship Swap 2010 I'm in has had it's 2nd lucky recipient Irene B and she chose a theme of Seahorses and Batik fabric. Here's the block I made and sent for her collection...

I've enjoyed making these and I'm now planning the 3rd block Swap for another Irene B with her theme of 'In my Garden'....lots to think about there. Good thing I have a month to do it.
Lammy with Love X

Table Runner for a Friend

This is the table runner that I made for a friend in work and I used the surplus blocks to make 4 x table mats with cutlery pouches. She loves them all....
x 4
Lammy with Love x

Last PP Postcard Swap for a while...

Hi All
My last PP Postcard Swap for now as we are taking a rest to concentrate on other projects. Here is my lovely Postcard I received from Sue K. The theme was 'Hands and Feet' and it's my favourite block Bear Paw. Thanks Sue...

Lammy with Love X