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Friday, March 26, 2010

Leaving gift for a colleague

Hi All
Nothing to do with the PP, B&W Swap 2010 but as Bev leaves her job at the college next Wednesday after 23 years, I wanted to make her something of her choice. After seeing my friend's Doggie quilt that I made for Christmas, Bev chose a Cat quilt which she really wanted for her 2 black & white cats Ferdy and Cola. So here it is....another job done and ticked off the list!
Lammy with Love X


  1. They look after their animlas down south don't they!!! Spoiling them with handmade quilts!!!!
    Lovely M!!

  2. HAHAHA! Bev said she put it on the sofa and both Ferdy and Cola jumped on it and wouldn't move except to eat and poop - argh bless! They obviously know quality when they feel it hahaha!

    M xxxxxxxxxxxxx