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Friday, March 26, 2010

My gift from Lisa at 'Cobblestone Cabin'

Hi All
I was the lucky winner of the draw at Lisa's new website - 'Cobblestone Cabin'...what a lovely name!
Anyway I won a beautiful Moda jelly roll called VERNA. By coincidence, that's my niece's middle name so sssshhhhhhhhhhh! don't want her getting ideas that it'll be coming to her as it's MINE....ALL MINE....!!!!! Hahahaha

Thank you Lisa - I'll be dropping in soon to shop for more gorgeous fabrics.
Lammy with Love x


  1. OH I'm going to - but it looks so pretty rolled up.....
    M xx

  2. I know, that is the problem with them isn't it, I have three or four now, and am loathe to undo them. Jan

  3. Congratulations M!! Looking forward to seeing your creation with it!!!