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Hi Guys - Welcome to Lammy's World of Quilting & Satchels. I'll update my blog with info from the World of Lammy as often as I can, so drop in for news about my latest quilting projects and to see my One-Off! Satchels that I'm working on or have completed. HAPPY BLOGGING! Lammy with love X

Friday, August 28, 2009

Postcard I made for PP member

Hi All

This is the postcard I made for a PP member in the theme of 'Hearts'. There are some lovely creations on the website from other members and I'm awaiting my own Postcard to arrive from a fellow member so really looking forward to adding that to my growing collection.

Lammy with Love x

Summer's holiday's are over

Hi All
Well, the summer break from work is well and truly over and it's back to the grind....very busy time for us.
Since last posting...I've recently made a huge floor cushion for Eden's bedroom of a Haahoo from In the Night Garden. She loves it and here's the picture of her with it.

I have enjoyed lots of rest during the summer as well as lots of quilting time and have finally decided on the border on my larger than expected Batik quilt using fabrics I bought in Abakhan's in Liverpool, last October. It's all basted now so I'm really pleased with how it looks ...just got the quilting to do and it's all mine. People who know me know that I usually make quilts for other people but I need to build a stock for myself now so that one, and a Black & (wip) will be my quilts.

I also have a long-term project quilt that I will be starting soon and that is mostly hand applique so it will be ongoing.....for however long it takes, so with that lot and my Ice Cream strip Swap with my PP group members, it's all go......

Lammy with Love X

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

K & A's Quilt

Hi All
I have finished K and A's quilt.... they wanted a B&W 60's/70's style look to the quilt and for the pattern to be quite 'busy'. I finished it yesterday and they love it.

It has a mixture of the Beatles, different flower prints, swirls, zig-zags, office print, toile print, chequer board, dog and cat prints in the centre blocks with matching borders on each block and is finished off with a floral border.

And here it is...
Lammy with Love X