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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Sofa quilt for my niece

Hi All
I've also finished my niece's quilt and she has received it safely which I'm relieved about, and she loves it though it seemed she was confused as she thought I was making her a set of 6" storage bags...heehee! I chose the theme as she was an Autumn baby and she chose the fabric for her "bags" so it will hopefully go with her decor too!
Here it is -

Lammy with Love X


  1. I love it M, gorgeous fabrics and your neice is so very lucky, all I need to know is where she lives then I can take it from her!!!! Hahahaha!!!
    Fabulous!!! WEll done.xxxxxx

  2. Hahahaha she's a fiesty scouser so I'm not sure who I'd put my money on now mmmmmm....

    M xxx