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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden Project - Day One

My back garden (shown on the right) is long and narrow and has always been a mess of trailing roots, vines, thorn bushes and brambles etc. for as long as I've lived here, and this caused a couple of strimmers and a lawn mower to break. Even when the whole lot was sprayed with weedkiller several times, it still came back with a vengence and renewed strength year after year. With the help of family, I've barely managed to keep the grass under control until I got a gardener that was, but now at last, I am able to plan more. This is the beginning of my garden project to make it more inviting and useable.
I'm having a decking area and a brick barbeque area built and hopefully that will gradually happen over the coming months. My grandchildren will have somewhere safe to play and I will be able to relax under a gazebo.

I can't wait....I will keep updating this as it is transformed....

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  1. That sounds exciting! A lovely blank canvas to do whatever you want. Ros