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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to work!

Hi All,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandaughter Jet-Leoni...A big 6 yesterday Yeh! She's been so difficult to buy for so I let her choose this year. She had a lovely day at school and got loads of, (as she calls it) soooo coooool presents! A Batman suit was a big hit with her! Haha! She's a tomboy and has never taken to dolls and prams etc. so you can see our problem when we have to think of something. Dreading Christmas as we'll all be struggling again for her presents. But she's a happy girl and has more presents to get today.

I worked 44 hrs this week (10 more than I should) as we're really busy and I'm exhausted but when things settle back down I will hopefully have Tuesday off as I'm needed to work Wednesdays...
so BAD NEWS! (NN & Jan) no more foraging trips to the market for fabrics on a Wednesday....
but GOOD NEWS! I'll still be checking for new fabrics we don't have on Saturdays...wahey!!!!!
no real change there then..........

Due to work being mega-busy, I haven't had much time to PP or do any quilting since I went back. I'm glad I got a fair bit done in the summer break and will have to get used to just having Sunday to rest & quilt. I still owe a PC to Angela F which I will have to focus on and I've agreed to join in the Block for one 2012 Olympics Quilt project we are doing on PP which is good, and won't take too long to do.

I've just got to add the borders to my Black & White 'Geometric' quilt top and still need to finish the Soldier quilt top as well.

I haven't started my hand appliqued quilt yet as I'm practicing on getting the curved stems to lie flat so I won't have to keep doing 'rippit' stitch. I have a bias tape making tool that works really well and my practice of getting the applique to lie flat is improving ...but any advice on this would be appreciated. As it's a long-term project, I'm in no rush to start this until I'm confident I can do it justice as the whole quilt top is covered in stems and off-shoot stems.

That's all for now...off out to see the birthday girl.
Lammy with Love XXX

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