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Saturday, April 17, 2010

V&A Museum trip

Hi All
I went to visit the V&A exhibition of 1700-2010 Quilts in London on Tuesday. I really enjoyed it and loved a lot of the quilts on show. The stories were so interesting but my favourite has to be the RAJAH quilt and the history behind it, closely followed by the quilts made by men, soldiers in hospital and prisoners. It's amazing how so many people have used and use quilting as a form of therapy and to see how much they get from it and their finished quilts was quite moving. The fabrics and colours were fantastic and the trip to the gift shop was another high when I chose my gorgeous fabrics....and here they are -

I love the blue colourways of the designs and opted for ½ metre pieces so that's another future project......and in the meantime they can join my projects-in-waiting of 2 x Jelly Rolls and my Charm pack and Fat Quarter packs x 3.
Lammy with Love X


  1. OMG.......MORE FABRIC!!!!!!!! I'm telling the QP.

  2. Isn't it just gorgeous fabric, Marian? Jytte & I got some of those too...and the greens ;o)

  3. But they are soooooooooooooooo lovely JAN and I bet Angela and Jytte will back me up on this one that they were calling our names as we walked past the shop and shouting SAVE ME! BUY ME! HAHAHAHAHA!