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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life thus far......

Hi All
I am still not in my job as yet until 1st May so that is still ongoing but hopefully I'll be able to get on with it soon and I have been making preparation for the change in venue etc.

I had to make something very quickly last night as I found out it was a colleagues birthday today...plenty of notice NOT! So I had to pull something out of the bag fast and made 3 simple bookmarks for her. She said she'd never seen fabric bookmarks and loves them and is going to use them for her Bibles which is nice.
Here they are -

I called them "Serengeti", "A Hint of Monet", and "Safari"and they were well received, thank goodness, and I did buy her a present too as well.
Lammy with Love X

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  1. Lovely bookmarks, no wonder she liked them. The fabrics from the V&A are gorgeous too.