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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Art themed Postcard from PP Swap Mom, Jan

Today I received my fantastic Postcard in the PP - Art & Artists theme from Jan. It's a work of art alright!
So much thread and time involved, and I love it. Another 'cracker' to add to my collection. Can't upload it on PP website because of gliches so putting it on here instead for now until the gliches are sorted out.
Thanks Jan

Lammy with Love XXX


  1. Hi M, you are very welcome it was a pleasure to make for you. lol Jan x

  2. Hi Jan
    I do wish I lived nearer to you as I seriously need someone to teach me thread painting. When I try it, it's like my brain and hands don't engage at the same time and speed...I feel like have have 'gammy' hands and a slow brain.
    Never mind.
    Hope you and the family are well.
    M XXX

  3. I wish you did too, or rather the other way round, cos you have the best fabrics. I could teach you in a trice. Truly. My ladies do it all the time now, they loved the class and they picked it up really well.