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Monday, November 21, 2011

Underground Railroad blocks

Here's my North Star block which is the penultimate block in this project, the final block being a story to tie all the Underground Railroad quilt together.
North Star...
And my story block...
This came with mini photos of blocks in place but I replaced them with photos of my own blocks I've made to tie everything together. I've really enjoyed this project with my online quilting friends and have acquired some fabric for the back of the quilt which will be perfect so watch this space....but not too closely as I need some time to complete this quilt, and this is a keeper quilt so it's all mine.....

Lammy with Love X


  1. I love the history behind these quilts. What history! Thanks for your posting.

  2. Historians have proved this is not true, but based on a story that arose in the 80s. Nothing exists before then and interviews with numerous slave descendants have not come up with anything. I have black friends who also quilt and they pooh-pooh this theory. The stories of code songs are true.