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Hi Guys - Welcome to Lammy's World of Quilting & Satchels. I'll update my blog with info from the World of Lammy as often as I can, so drop in for news about my latest quilting projects and to see my One-Off! Satchels that I'm working on or have completed. HAPPY BLOGGING! Lammy with love X

Friday, May 21, 2010

And Another Bag....

Hi All
I took my bag to work to show a colleague and it was snapped up within seconds..... hahaha! and an order for another in same fabric for a friend upcountry.

I had already started a second one in a Michael Miller fabric which I love and I so wanted a bag in this fabric but when I made it - I didn't like it much afterall. Strange how you can love the fabric but dislike the end product... so I showed my friend and the money was in my hand double quick....
Here is the second of my bags -

Lammy with Love x

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What! No proper sewing for a month.....

Hi All
I have finally done some 'proper' sewing. The only sewing I did up to today was a friendship block. I've been so busy at work and having tried to drop some meds (with permission from my Doctor) I became unwell a few days ago and had to resume them again. Doh! But feel a lot better today so hopefully back on track again.

As I've had to rest, I thought I'd do some bookmark presents and a postcard for a colleague who has a special birthday. Then I thought I may attempt a bag from my new book which I love - "The Perfect Handmade Bag" by Clare Youngs - 35 bags to make by recycling fabrics. I really love the bag and it's perfect for the summer and so easy to make. I kind of recycled some fabric from my stash so I feel that counts ..... Anyway here's my bag and other things from today.

Lammy with Love X

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bright Ohio Star for M

Hi All
Due to work commitments, I have not had time to do any sewing in over three weeks, save for the Ohio star block for M from PP - 2010 Friendship Swap.

M has received it safely so I can now post it on here -

Lammy with Love X

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bank Holiday weekend and rain

Hi All
Another typical Bank holiday weekend weather here - heavy and persistent rain, grey skies and very cold.

I've had a few busy weeks with preparing for my new job role and new location so I'm really tired and haven't done any sewing in the past 2 weeks. The last thing I did was a 'House' block for Cathy in New Zealand and she loves it because I included some residents, one of whom is very special to her.....her beautiful new baby grandson.

I'm trying to do a clean sweep/spring clean and get rid of all the things that take up cupboard space but don't get used, but it's a very slow job. I wonder how much will be put away again...

My hall ceiling is being replaced this week after flood damage and then I can get the hall decorated and new carpeting down. Also my garden decking project should be resumed again when the weather sorts itself out so I can use it this 'summer'......if we get one! I got some Black Bamboo plants for screening behind the decking and black pebbles to go around the base of them, and a couple of other plants so I'm looking forward to seeing it transformed soon.
Lammy with Love X