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Friday, May 21, 2010

And Another Bag....

Hi All
I took my bag to work to show a colleague and it was snapped up within seconds..... hahaha! and an order for another in same fabric for a friend upcountry.

I had already started a second one in a Michael Miller fabric which I love and I so wanted a bag in this fabric but when I made it - I didn't like it much afterall. Strange how you can love the fabric but dislike the end product... so I showed my friend and the money was in my hand double quick....
Here is the second of my bags -

Lammy with Love x


  1. I Love your bag....
    I am a bag lover too....but I agree about likeing the fabric but not the end product. I just had that happen with a jacket.. Darn....
    Your charity quilt is awesome...
    Thankks for sharing

  2. Hi Maggie
    Thanks for posting your comment. I'm glad I'm not the only person who doesn't like the end product after years of cherishing the fabric. The charity quilt lives in The Gambia as the Tutor at my college who won it, took it as a Christmas present for her in-laws who paid for their holiday over Christmas. I actually received a postcard from the quilt telling me all about it's new home hahaha! I was expecting a postcard of it in a sunhat on the beach sunbathing.............but it's obviously forgotten all about me now....heehee!

    Take care Maggie
    Marian x

  3. OOOH, I forgot to say Maggie, I can send you a pattern of the bag if you would like it

    M x