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Sunday, May 16, 2010

What! No proper sewing for a month.....

Hi All
I have finally done some 'proper' sewing. The only sewing I did up to today was a friendship block. I've been so busy at work and having tried to drop some meds (with permission from my Doctor) I became unwell a few days ago and had to resume them again. Doh! But feel a lot better today so hopefully back on track again.

As I've had to rest, I thought I'd do some bookmark presents and a postcard for a colleague who has a special birthday. Then I thought I may attempt a bag from my new book which I love - "The Perfect Handmade Bag" by Clare Youngs - 35 bags to make by recycling fabrics. I really love the bag and it's perfect for the summer and so easy to make. I kind of recycled some fabric from my stash so I feel that counts ..... Anyway here's my bag and other things from today.

Lammy with Love X


  1. Love the bag M, it's fab! Plenty of room in their for secret fabric purchasing!!
    Bookmarks are ace too, you have certainly got the sewing bug back!!!
    Will look forward to seeing your next creation!
    Love, NN.xxxxxxx

  2. Just spotted the bags yo have made, Annette told me about them, love them M. Bookmarks, oh wow they are gorgeous.
    Really miss chatting to you.

  3. I miss our chats too but now I'm full-time I'm falling asleep by 9pm so I get into bed - old age and work don't mix and I'm losing out on valuable quilting time too. Will have a holiday soon so will definitely catch up with you then. Fab suppliers not impressing me at all...but still hopeful of something good coming our way soon. Take care
    M xxxxxxxxxxxxxx