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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday 30th March 2009

Yeh! I'm finally on holiday - and just in time as my 'battery power' is all but exhausted. Though I still have to go to work on Friday for one day, I'm off until 20th April after that. Work and family has been busy so not much time to do any quilting but I did finish my Swap buddies postcard for the Books theme and posted that on Monday so I hope she likes it over there in France.

My young granddaughter will hopefully be having her 'yukkie' tonsils out in the near future and my youngest granddaughter's 1st birthday is in about 6 weeks.... now...what do you buy a baby who has everything????? Any suggestions..........

I now have to Spring clean and rearrange my home to fit in my grandchildren for separate sleepover visits so we can do some quilting or feltmaking etc..which should be messy but fun -Can't wait!

Lots to do.... from
Lammy with Love xxxxxxx

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