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Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm on a roll now so just an update on other stuff...
I've finally made the decision to join my online patchwork group's 2012 UnFinishedObjects Zapping! challenge as I am guilty of starting projects then not completing them. I am getting some assistance from my fab quilter mate Jan who does prize-worthy quilting patterns on a much-loved short-arm Bernina machine. Together these two producing amazing work and I am really happy to trust my quilts to her skills as health issues have prevented me from doing my own quilting for the past few months. Go have a look at Jan's blog to see the gorgeous work she has done for many years and continues to do.

I've also joined the 2012 Postcard swap as I love the postcards for my collection and have made some for friends and a really lovely Postcard storage box  - - - - - -

and a diary cover too....

...and I've joined the 2012 Birthday club too so lots of gifts going to be passed around this year YAY!
As a tight group, we responded to some upsetting news of a fellow quilter J, by making pink and white/cream blocks for another member Rosemary to put together into quilts for sale to raise money for Breast Cancer Charity. These will be raffled over the next few months to raise much needed money for research to help to stamp out cancer.
Will post some photos when I have more time but still lots of work ongoing with I hope, some finished objects to boot.....out of my UFO stack.
Lammy with Love X