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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Row by Row received from MB

Hi All

I received my first row by row from MB the other day and it's lovely...it's just how I imagined it with the rich colours and fabrics used, they're gorgeous - thank you so much M - I love it. And here it is -
Lammy with love X (and a Cheshire cat grin)


  1. Glad you liked it Marian. I did agonise over whether the colours would be right.

  2. The colours are perfect Maggi. I love the batiks you used and the other fabric that looks like Aborigine design?.. it's gorgeous and I will be making my own row by row for mine quilt similar to the one I made for Angela so it's going to be fabulous. I did worry that I wouldn't have the time to do this but I'm so glad I joined.
    M X

  3. I'm glad you joined too, else where would I go to look at fab blocks like these!!! Gorgeous!!xx