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Friday, May 25, 2012

Since last time.....

I've had a bad few months pain due to Tendinopathy in right shoulder and upper arm which has impeded my mobility a lot, hence I've focussed on smaller projects during this time. Started Acupuncture today (and over next 5 weeks) so I'm hoping it frees me arm up so I can get back to the grind as it where.... loads to do!
I have a quilt to do for a special little boy in the family and a heap of other pressing projects to do! Hope you are all well wherever you are....

So what's been happening.....well!
I had my two middle grandchildren to stay with me over Easter, so to limit their electronic game use, I challenged them to do a free-hand drawing which I then printed onto fabric. They made their artwork into cushions which they used on the long journey home. They are very proud of their cushions, as I am of them. Here's the munchkins with their cushions. The photos have now been printed in this month's Patchwork & Quilting magazine, so they are famous too!

LAMMY with LOVE xxxx