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Hi Guys - Welcome to Lammy's World of Quilting & Satchels. I'll update my blog with info from the World of Lammy as often as I can, so drop in for news about my latest quilting projects and to see my One-Off! Satchels that I'm working on or have completed. HAPPY BLOGGING! Lammy with love X

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Art themed Postcard from PP Swap Mom, Jan

Today I received my fantastic Postcard in the PP - Art & Artists theme from Jan. It's a work of art alright!
So much thread and time involved, and I love it. Another 'cracker' to add to my collection. Can't upload it on PP website because of gliches so putting it on here instead for now until the gliches are sorted out.
Thanks Jan

Lammy with Love XXX

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Work and holidays

Hi All,

I am on the final wind down of the last semester at work. I should begin my Annual Leave from Monday next week, though may have to pop in for a couple of hours to support someone, I will be off until late August. One more day to go...............love my job, but I'm really looking forward to the extended break to recharge my energy.

Lammy with Love X

Garden progress

Hi all

Just an update on the garden project... most of the framework is now in and cemented into place...hope to have the decking sorted soon....can't wait then onto the rest of the messy garden.
Lammy with Love x

Granddaughter Eden's Cats quilt

I've finally finished Eden's quilt, Yay! I hope she likes the cats on it and the bright colours don't keep her awake...oops!

Lammy with Love x

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Postcards made for friends on my course. Thanks Jan and NN for your help with the 'W' postcards

TC's quilt finished

Hi All
The quilt is finally finished along with my Counselling course YAY! Both the quilt and our group were successful so I'm really pleased.

Photos attached...of the quilt of course....not my certificate! That would be just plain daft...haha!

Lammy with Love x

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Georgia's birthday + A's too

It's my eldest granddaughter's birthday tomorrow 4th June 2009 and she'll be a teenager... Have a happy birthday Georg...Lots of love from Lammy x

And a Happy birthday on Friday 5th June 2009 to A. He's not a teenager. Hope you have a good birthday and the pressies arrive in time.... Love from Lammy x

Hope there'll be lots of singing because Eden loves the whole birthday song thing...talking of Eden - she's repeating so many words now - she's really picking them up quick. She can say Jet's name so clearly and Geo Geo for Georgia. She's a bit stumped with Brennan's at the moment, but she was only 1 year old, 3 weeks ago...
Lammy with Love x

Garden Project update

Today I went to order all the wood for the foundation frame under the decking. Quite expensive but necessary for a solid base. It's being delivered on Saturday so work should start soon I hope. My daughter planted up lots of seeds and bulbs for me and they are doing well with the warmer weather we've been having.
Hope to see some changes very soon. Will post a photo when something begans to take shape...
Lammy with Love x